Spa Services

Facials, Wax, Tanning & Massage

Updated May 2018.  Prices are effective at your next appointment.


Eyebrow Design . . . . . . $20

Lip Wax . . . . . . $12

Nose Wax . . . . . . $10

Cheek Wax . . . . . . $20

Chin Wax . . . . . . $12

Full Face Wax . . . . . . $45

Ear Wax . . . . . . $10

Full Arm Wax . . . . . . $30

Underarm Wax . . . . . . $20

Upper Arm Wax . . . . . . $20

Lower Arm Wax . . . . . . $15

Full Leg Wax. . . . . . $75

Upper Leg Wax . . . . . . $45

Lower Leg Wax . . . . . . $40

Sunless Spray Tanning by VersaSpa Pro 

Level 1 – 2

Single session. . . . . $31

3 session package (never expire). . . . . . $75

Month unlimited . . . . . $59

Level 3

Single session. . . . . $36

3 session package (never expire). . . . . . $88

Month unlimited . . . . . $69


Darker legs. . . . . $5 per tan

Double dip. . . . . $10 per tan

First time customers BOGO (Buy one, get one FREE – single session only)

VS-TealPro-HR Experience a premium spray tanning experience right here in Colfax.

Versaspa Pro uses the latest technology in sunless tanning so there is no concern about orange color, dehydrated skin or harmful UV rays so you can have a beautiful glow all year round without any concerns.

The Versaspa Pro system uses a unique blend of green and brown marine algae to moisturize, oxygenate and detoxify your skin for a great tan.


Massage by Monique Lockhart

Read about Monique


Swedish & Deep Tissue & Myofacial Release:  
This is a relaxing massage treatment that combines the relaxing atmosphere and vibe of a traditional spa massage, with the included therapeutic techniques specific to any physical problems you may have, in order to help you address any pain related issues.  I will work to your tolerance deep or light as requested.  
Hot Stone Massage:  
This is an hour and a half treatment.  Take your massage to a whole new luxurious level by adding a deep heating treatment.  This is an hour and a half session.  Many who have experienced this treatment get hooked and say it’s hard to go back to the regular massage! This is especially nice as a massage treatment option for the cooler months of the year, and it makes a luxurious gift if you are purchasing gift certificates for your friends.  
Pregnancy Massage: 
This treament in done in side lying position. I am happy to provide pregnancy massage treatments but only with your doctor’s permission, and written consent which must be provided to me.  Your doctor must first assess that your pregnancy is progressing normally and provide me with a referral for my service.  I will not provide pregnancy massage for anyone who is not willing to provide me with a doctors written consent.  Please take care of that before you schedule your pregnancy massage appointment.
Chair Massage: 
My Chair massage sessions are available in the lobby, in between regular table sessions.  Chair massage is $1.00 per minute. This is perfect if you just want a quick neck and shoulders session before you run off to your next activity.   You choose how long you wish to be worked on. This treatment is done fully clothed in the front waiting room of the Salon. 
This is a “laying on of hands” energy work treatment designed to assist those individuals who cannot physically tolerate a deeper massage.  This treatment works to remove energetic blockages from the chakras, and can sometimes assist in clearing out other physical and emotional components that may be hindering the mind body system in it’s healing process.  Clients report a very deep state of relaxation and well being when this treatment is completed.  This treatment can be done fully clothed or not, as the client chooses. 
Raindrop Therapy:
This is an hour and a half treatment.  This is an essential Oil treatment which is particularly good for some conditions such as scoliosis, or other conditions which may benefit from the use of therapeutic grade essential oils.  Essentials oils have been known for their anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties.  Certain (but not all types) of scoliosis conditions can sometimes be caused by bacteria and toxins in the tissues and fascia. Essential oils may in some cases help to eliminate the toxins that can contribute to postural problems, or some arthritic problems. Essential oils can also be helpful in assisting with emotional clearing, and and energy healing work. 
Full medical disclosure about any medications or health conditions, is necessary for this treatment since some essential oils cannot be mixed with prescription drugs, and are contraindicated for certain health conditions.
Massage is health care.  State law requires me to have you fill out a medical intake form, which provides full disclosure of any past and current injuries, and also any past and current health care issues or medical procedures.  Massage may be contraindicated for certain health conditions and I reserve the right to refuse treatment to you based on your health status.
Common contraindications include high blood pressure, vascular problems, concussions or head injuries, acute injuries that may require X-rays etc..   If you suffer from high blood pressure, please get your medications and blood pressure under control before making your massage appointment. 
Your intake form and medical information is confidential and is accessible only to myself. 
I do not provide insurance billing.  If you wish for your insurance to pay for your massage treatments I’m happy to provide you with a receipt for payment of your sessions.  But you must negotiate with your insurance company yourself for reimbursement of your massage sessions. 
Typically personal injury cases (car accidents, work related injuries etc…)are best treated at your local chiropractic office, since they usually handle the massage referrals and supervision of your injuries in house. as well as handling insurance billing for you until your case is closed and settled.