Monique smallerMonique Lockhart has been serving the Grass Valley area with her massage services for the last 12 years.

She worked for seven years in a clinical chiropractic setting, treating personal injury patients for a number of pain related problems and injuries, including but not limited to, neck injuries, rotator cuff problems, knee injuries and post surgical care for scar tissue and the re-establishment of range of motion, post surgery.

She is very versatile in her technique, and can provide you with a very relaxing Swedish Massage (Spa) experience which also includes the therapeutic work you need for your pain management issues, to help you improve the quality of your daily life.

She will work to your tolerance and can provide you with any range of work from an energetic and light Reiki treatment to a deep tissue experience and everything in between. She specializes in low back, hip and sciatic pain management and myofascial release.

Prior to becoming a massage therapist she worked in the horse industry for nearly 30 years, riding, grooming, training and providing, quarantine care, veterinary assistance and lay up care, for thoroughbred jumpers, and race horses primarily. These horses were rehabilitating from various types of injuries.

She was also the personal assistant to Dr. Michael Gleason, one of the most well known and respected large animal chiropractors in the nation. She worked with him at Bay Area Animal Chiropractic, providing proper safety restraint and handling for the performance horses he treated, for seven years.

When Dr. Gleason relocated his family and practice, Monique transitioned to a career as a massage therapist. She graduated from the Healing Arts Institute in Roseville, CA, in 2004.

Monique is State Certified by the CAMTC (California Massage Therapy Council), and comes highly recommended by many of her long standing clients in the Grass Valley area. She is also a Reiki practitioner.

Monique does not currently accept insurance claims or do insurance billing.  If you wish for your insurance to pay for your treatments you will have to deal with your insurance company privately for reimbursement.

In her spare time Monique enjoys tribal belly dancing with her sister dancers, making seed bead embroidered jewelry, and studying and teaching esoteric related disciplines.